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Welcome to the wonderfull world of mp3s! Below you will find links to Audiogalaxy and other good mp3 searches and sources.

A while back, my friend agent # 14167 (Webalicious), introduced me to mp3s and audiogalaxy.
Now, as many of you are, i'm hooked.

Here are the best mp3 resources and player availible

If you are new to mp3s, you need a player. I have used others, and find Winamp to be the best. (You can skip this download, and let windows mediaplayer, or realjukebox take over).

Now you need mp3s! Go to Audiogalaxy and download AudioGalaxy File Agent Beta. After you install it, search for your favorite songs.

I set-up an alt. disscussion group for agents at
Feel free to post or just lurk.

Click to subscribe to audiogalaxy

Here are a few other very good mp3 sources and searches.

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