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How to Make a
Personal Clipboard

HELLO, this page is designed to help you learn how to make and use Personal Clipboards. Like c/c/p, once you do it a few times, it is easy and a very convenient timesaver!!

Below are the instructions for making and using your own Personal Clipboard with Webtv. If you need more help with clipboards, Paul Erickson has created a new page on them, titled A Virtual Clipboard.

Here is how to make your own
Personal Clipboard

1. While on a webpage, save the URL by pressing the GO TO key.

2. On the resulting pop-up, click on show current. The URL will appear in the box.

3. Press cmd and "a" keys. This will highlight the URL for copying.

4. Press cmd and "c" keys. You will hear a click and the URL is now in temporoary storage.

5. Press the back key and the pop-up will pop down.

6. Decide on a one-word name for your clipboard. You can use letter and/or number combinations. Replace the "anyname" used below with the name you choose.

7. Press the GO TO key again to make the pop-up reappear.

8. Delete http://

9. Type mailto:anyname or number. (I use 1-9 to name my clipboards eie,...mailto:1)

10. Press the return key and you will get a write e-mail page with anyname in the TO: area. You now have a personal clipboard! You can type in a subject now or later.

11. Move the cursor to the message area and press the cmd and "v" keys to copy the URL onto the clipboard. Type a page title or description before or after the URL.

12. You can surf some more, read some e-mail, or use the back key to return to the page you were just on (very convenient), You can even power off.

13. When you are ready to return to your clipboard, repeat steps 7 - 10. The clipboard should remain in your storage for at least 48 hours, maybe more. You can add more URL's at any time within a few days

14. As you come and go from the clipboard, any line spacing you added will disappear. You can wait and add spacing before you send it. The spacing makes it easier to read.

15. To send it (sending it to yourself will allow you to keep it permanently), delete anyname after the TO: and key in a real e-mail addy.

16. Personal clipboards are not just for URL's. They are great for lists, notes, or taking breaks while writing long e-mails.

17. You can make as many clipboards as you wish. Make sure you write down the mailto:names so you don't forget them.

Have fun!
And enjoy this convenient tool. : )

This page by: Tookalook, Momke, and
rkdolan. (thanks team!)




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